Friday, October 24, 2008

Sat - 25th Oct

yooo, wasssup? sorry for no friday post, i have no excuse, i'm just really fucking lazyyyy
anyways, here comes the saturday post
First up is:

This night is at favela nightclub, the demographic tends to be towards the over 25's, but if you look at there site they make seem like such a mad place to go, hence why i reckon you should hit it up.
Alan Thompson will be the head lining act, and has some close tie's with the Ministry of sound (he mixed the housexy compilation)
here is his myspace

another popular dj in uk is Matt Cahill...i couldn't find anything about him except:

"Having been a well respected name on the Scottish and UK clubbing scene for almost 10 years now Matt has learnt his craft with some of the biggest and most respected brands, DJ’s and locations in the world.

Providing a unique versatility of musical skills, amazing technical abilities and an ability to work with any crowd has seen Matt guest at club nights such Cream Classics, Hed Kandi, Ministry of Sound, Colours and Glam. Provide musical soundtracks for product and fashion launches for Smirnoff, French Connection, Top Shop and Cruise. Support DJ’s such as Roger Sanchez, Danny Rampling, Pete Tong, Fergie, Graeme Park, Judge Jules, Tall Paul, Stonebridge, Sonique, K-Klass, Marco V, and Mario Piu. Perform in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, London, Ibiza, Sweden, Thailand and Colombia."

eh, sounds like he knows his shit.
only one way to find out but.

If that doesn't fancy you try candy apartment.

They will have the regular's there and Zuology. I highly recommend seeing him, heard his mixtapes, they sounds awesome and i would be going if it wasn't for my tonsillities. That will be a great night.

Thats pretty much it ay, not a fantastic weekend, but should still be an alright one...

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