Monday, October 13, 2008

Fri - 17th Oct

ok guys, get ready for another big friday, because here it is:

yep. Mark Dynamix, yes the same guy who mixes Ministry of sound albums. He mixed the The annual 2006, the highest selling complication in Australian history, so he must be good.
This is perhaps the biggest ever dj that has even considered to set foot in Riotville.

Since not many of the people in the shire don't know who he is, i reckon u should make an appearance and maybe get a pic with him, or show him how to dj. Whatever.

and yeah, it's flight club night, whatever the fuck that is.

here is there website, don't click on it but, it's a fucked up site, useless designers...

if carmens doesn't fancy you. try chinese laundryyyyyy.
Aston Shuffle is playing. I'd go to this rather then see mark because, well....these guys are 10 times better.
sorry, just being honest.

Set times:

10pm: Derty Rich
11:30pm: Marky Mark and King Lee
1am: Aston Shuffle
2:30am: fRew

anyway, here is there stomp yo shoes track remixed, by the best dj's out at the moment.

The Aston Shuffle - Stomp Yo Shoes ft. Tommie Sunshine (Bloody Beetroots Remix)

check out there myspace.

chinese laundry website is right here. ha jokes, it's here. oh and there myspace. (see i do


hahahahaha yesssssssssssssssss.
pole dancersssssssssssss!!!!
at rnb superclub or Tank as others call it.

i honestly don't give a fuck whos playing at tank. ooohh man.
The dancers are gonna "Show me how to get fit for summer" (quote from website)
well they can "train" all they want when i'm around.


Spook said...

when are you going to report on the more worth while things to go to? so far its been chinese laundry, Carmens (why??) and Tank...

sure aston shuffle are great, but if you really what to be night club mania, i think you need to report on a wider range of gigs. Especially seeing as the majority of people that blog or read blogs would be heading off to see something else...

jo ross said...

when was the last time anyone listened to what you have said anyway