Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fri - 28th Nov Stereosonic 2008 aftermarth


it was everything i expected.....and more! i seriously paid 50 bucks and pretty much only watched mowgli and the crookers and i still think it was money well spent.

my ears are still ringing, seriously.

superb clarity by Peter, thanks.

i was a bit annoyed how they didn't start with a millie or any other rap song and then mix it into house...but get up(diplo remix) was the next best song to start with but.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Fri - 21st Nov

Hey folks whats going on? Big weekend this weekend, got some little events that i reckon would rock this friday night. Uni is over thank fucking god! Anyways down to business...
I'd like to introduce you to a new club Nevermind. It opened last long weekend, towards the end of September and a few popular djs have played there such as: Andee Van Damage, Ben Morris, John Glover and Pink Pong DJs(just for loling). The night "kink" will be held there on saturdays, so i'm sure it will attact many crowds from far and wide...

Just thought it looked cool...

At nevermind this friday Ivan Gough is playing, he is 1 half of tv rock(the better half, ok maybe not but), he knows how to pull off a good set. Tv Rock music is sorta like fidget house, stuff thats easy to dance too, very bassy and cool beats. There remixes show that too...

Just the fact that she is bending over makes me wanna go...

The lineup looks promising. I reckon you should go get your ass down there and show em some of ya moves!

Nevermind site

Here's the problem, the 15th Birthday of the Q-bar. Big fucking lineup:

The aston shuffle (needs no introduction)
MC Snob Scrilla (needs introduction)
Wax Motif (needs introduction)
Anna Lunoe (needs introduction)
The vines dj's (needs introduction)
Sosueme dj's (needs introduction)
Health Club dj's (needs introduction)
Ben lucid (needs introduction)
Julian lacey (needs introduction)
Hayden keys (needs introduction)

I wasn't lying was i?

so yeah, aston shuffle and co are playing, seems like they are making a big deal about it but i still reckon you should go. Personally, Nevermind looks better (because of there sexy banner) but hey, i'm not you, you choose!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fri - 28th Nov Stereosonic 2008

ohhh a friday post, i must be keen. Well i am, for stereosonic that is...

I knew who was playing at it(and we'll get to that in a sec), but it didn't actually kick in till a few days ago, when i was youtubing clips of the Crookers and realised what i would miss out on if i didn't go, and the price of the tickets was a plus too.


When: 28th November
Where: Manning Bar (Syd Uni)
Crookers (myspace)
DJ Hell (myspace)
DJ Funk (myspace)
Ajax (myspace)
Headman (myspace)
Dave Onada (myspace does not exist)
Tommie Sunshine (myspace)
Mowgli (myspace)
Acid Jacks (myspace)
Mr Maqs (myspace)
Baltimore Bass Connection (myspace) + Locals lineup

How much: 50 smackers
When to buy: Out now, not sold out yet
Where to buy: Moshtix
Why (should i go?): Just look at the international lineup, that looks awesome, then add some locals, then look at the price then click on this link. Easy choice.

Taste these:

AC/DC - Thunderstruck (Crookers Remix)

Busy P - To Protect And Entertain (Crookers Remix)

Crookers - Sveglia (Original Edit)

Radioclit - Secousse (Crookers Remix)


Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sat - 8th Nov

yooo, yeah sorry, i have been lazy. Everytime i've tried to post something the blogger website wouldn't be working but hey, thats no excuse....

I read up about this guy a while ago, his tracks sound awesome and have big potential to be mixed really well. A big 5 hour set should be sick too. That is, unless he plays shit music... But seriously, he has got some pretty sweet tunes on his myspace and released an album not long ago so he seems know what he's playing.

Danny Howells's myspace
Chinese Laurdry website

GRUM! weired name, weried music (to most). He loves his static noises, so he must sound like sebastian, who is the one my favourite dj's. GRUM isn't a big dj, but he is definatly a up and coming one. He's from the UK and his music sounds real good. Reminds me of danger, don't u reckon?

GRUM's myspace
Trashbags website and myspace