Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sat - 18th Oct

yooooo boys and girls, sorry for such a late post. I've been a busy busy man... ;) it's been well worth the wait but.

anyways, here is some of the places i reckon you should go to
lets start off with Moulin nights playing at Moulin Rouge.

DJ Keli Hart is the main act this week, when i first the flyer i didn't believe female dj's existed (execpt for Uffie) but boy was i wrong, i've listened to her mixes and they are pretty good aye.

Keli Hart's myspace

Moulin rouge's not myspace

oh yeah, she's pretty hot too:

mmmm. i like.

if thats not you thing, try out the Q bar at the exchange hotel.
These guys are hosting the offical sounds in the grounds after party.

Gonna be a mad night, van she tech don't need a introduction. Even if they arn't that good.
But i suggest you keep your eye out for bloody disco, he's coming from france to play there and it seems like he knows his shit.

have a look at his myspace here

Q bar website

p.s don't let that head scare you, there is plenty of proof saying that you don't have a nice head to dj

here's one example:

look at the talent...just lying there...

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