Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sat - 8th Nov

yooo, yeah sorry, i have been lazy. Everytime i've tried to post something the blogger website wouldn't be working but hey, thats no excuse....

I read up about this guy a while ago, his tracks sound awesome and have big potential to be mixed really well. A big 5 hour set should be sick too. That is, unless he plays shit music... But seriously, he has got some pretty sweet tunes on his myspace and released an album not long ago so he seems know what he's playing.

Danny Howells's myspace
Chinese Laurdry website

GRUM! weired name, weried music (to most). He loves his static noises, so he must sound like sebastian, who is the one my favourite dj's. GRUM isn't a big dj, but he is definatly a up and coming one. He's from the UK and his music sounds real good. Reminds me of danger, don't u reckon?

GRUM's myspace
Trashbags website and myspace

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